Chicken / Veal Dishes

$16.00 / $17.00

All chicken & veal dishes are served over penne with bread and your choice of soup or salad


Sautéed in a Marsala & mushroom sauce


Simmered in a butter, lemon & white wine sauce


Dipped in an egg batter, sautéed with butter, lemon, parsley & white wine

Broccoli & Garlic

Sautéed broccoli in garlic & oil


Breaded chicken breast or veal, mozzarella & tomato sauce


Capers, garlic wine sauce


Sausage, mushrooms, peppers, onions, marinara sauce


Broccoli, mushrooms, artichokes, rosemary garlic wine sauce


Breaded eggplant, marinara, white wine sauce, mushrooms, mozzarella


Broccoli rabe, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted peppers, garlic wine sauce


Layered breaded chicken and breaded eggplant, vodka sauce, mozzarella, side of penne vodka


Spinach, mushrooms, roasted peppers, sherry cream sauce


Sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, garlic wine sauce, mozzarella cheese


Asparagus, cherry tomatoes, crab meat, garlic wine sauce

John Luca

Portobello mushrooms, roasted peppers, balsamic wine sauce


Spinach, portobello mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, sherry wine sauce, topped with provolone


Mushrooms, bacon, Alfredo sauce


Roasted peppers, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, white wine with a touch of marinara, topped with fresh mozzarella

Dal Mare


All seafood dishes are served over linguini with bread and your choice of soup or salad

Shrimp Scampi

Sautéed in butter & garlic

Shrimp Francese

Dipped in egg batter, sautéed with butter, lemon, parsley & white wine

Shrimp & Broccoli

Sautéed broccoli, garlic + oil sauce


Your choice of shrimp, mussels or calamari served in our sweet marinara sauce over linguini

Make it Fra Diavolo for no charge

Shrimp Gattuso

Sautéed shrimp served in our spicy vodka sauce

Salmon LoPresti

Grilled salmon, cous-cous, garlic wine sauce, side of vegetable

Seafood Combo

Clams, calamari, shrimp, mussels, fra diavolo sauce

Salmon Verde

Pan seared salmon topped with sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes and portobello mushrooms in pesto cream sauce

Risotto di Mare

Prince Edward mussels, shrimp, calamari, clams in shell, white wine, touch of marinara and basil, tossed with rice

Salmon Saporito

Salmon, spinach, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, garlic wine sauce

Shrimp Carini

Spinach, mushrooms, roasted peppers, garlic wine sauce

Salmon Pirlo

Pan seared salmon with cherry tomatoes and asparagus in a basil garlic sauce, served over cous-cous

Flounder al Forno

Oven baked flounder in a lemon wine sauce over a bed of spinach, served with a side vegetable